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An artistic arrangement of  voices to present the beauty of Islam.

Local Voices

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Let’s explore, uncover and discuss some amazing topics.


Tune in for the latest news and analysis in the sports world. 

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Talk Shows
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Join us live for Islamic Talk and Entertainment. 

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Join our hosts and guest as the put it on the table by speaking the truth. 

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Discussing ways to improve relations, make and maintain the peace.

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Sister Noor Saadeh speaks with local Muslims about their life in Islam.

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Local converts share their stories about how they came to Islam.

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Join us live for a variety of family friendly Islamic Entertainment

Listen to Islamic songs and poetry

with inspirational words and catchy


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Join us live for a variety of family friendly Islamic Entertainment

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Listen to short films, plays, and skits by Muslim actors

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Muslim Kids put together a good show with songs, plays, games and jokes.

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Have a laugh listening to his observations of  Muslim behavior. 

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Learn vocabulary word in a funny way. 

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Top stories and interviews from related to Muslims, local and around the world.

Muslims in history and recent times who have changed the world. 

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Advice to promote good health by local healthcare professionals in the community.

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Financial advice from professionals on how to manage your money in a halal way.

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Hear advice to help face the big responsibility of being a parent.

This show lets you know what your choices are for eating Halal food in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area

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Advice from couples, Imams and counselors for a healthy marriage. 

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Professionals share information to  help our youth develop skills.

Quran and Lecture
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Meet students and teacher of Quran and get motivated to memorize more. 

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Listen to jummah khutbas from previous weeks of local Masjids

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Hear beautiful recitations and meaning from local qurra and their students.

Best of estes show thumb.jpg

Classic lectures from  years past by our beloved Sheikh Yusuf Estes. 

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Things that make Islam an outstanding theology and way of life. 

Days of our Prophet thumb.jpg

Hear stories and quotes that take us back to the days and times of our Prophet SWS. 

Why are people leaving Islam? How can we get them to come back?

Our Videos