We are an Islamic internet radio station featuring family friendly, Educational Islamic Entertainment produced by and featuring DFW Muslims and Islamic organizations. MRD is the first Muslim internet radio station established and maintained by Muslim Radio Network, Inc., a 501C3  organization located in the Dallas Texas area. 

Why should we build a radio station for our community?

1. It is a project that can bring our community together.

       a.  Having the common goal of building a community radio station can build bonds                of brother and sisterhood. 

       b.  This project can give Muslim youth groups and families something to do. They                      need this to make better use of their time. Efforts contributing to MRD can bring                    benefits to this generation and to generations to come. (note: this is for our                          grand  kids)

       c.  We can promote a spirit of unity and togetherness through a broadcast that                        features a cross section of our community, i.e., Masajid (several Imams featured),                schools, organizations, businesses and individuals.

       d.  With everyone tuning in the same place to listen, we can get people on the same                page with community events, reports on daily life for Muslims in DFW, interviews                    with locals, and local Athan

2. Listening vs. Watching- Radio is more modest, thus more Islamic.

       a. Lower your gaze

       b. More healthy for the brain

               i. Listening is close to reading

              ii. Exercises the imagination

       c. Combats our screen addiction

3. Hands free, eyes free, can be consumed while doing other things like cooking, driving, working out, arts and crafts or games with the family

4.    Help create and promote Muslim American culture through entertainment.

       a. The youth can identify with and be proud of.

       b. Dawah tool – presenting Islam in a way that is not so foreign to New Muslims and                 not yet Muslims

       c. Broadcast our spirit of love for Islam our reasons why we love it so much.

5. Establish a new source for Islamic learning and a new voice to promote the benefits of implementing Islamic values and teachings. 

6.    Affordable production

       a. Radio (audio) production is more affordable than TV production (video). 

       b. Internet radio is more affordable than traditional radio.

7. Sisters can get involved since they do not have to show their faces. Some very talented  Muslim girls and women have not gotten into acting, announcing, or doing video because they don't want their image out there. This gives them the opportunity to use their talents to contribute to the Cause voice only.

1. Gives a slice of DFW Muslim community, lecturers, reciters, singers, psychologist, Doctors prophetic healing etc.

2. Has a little bit of something in it for everyone

3. It has a constantly flowing format. The segments are short, and nicely blended. Although it offers mostly highlights and teasers, it tells us where to find the full version of a clip, a full episode, or more songs from an artist that is played.  

4. Variety for speakers, songs, types of educational entertainment.

5. DJs and hosts introducing and commenting on what they play. 

6. Great for workout, cooking, driving and family time.

7. It is providing a great service by pulling out the gems from lectures so we don’t have to sit through them and fall asleep. 

8. I love the catchy pop presentation with jingles and hit songs promoting the Islamic principles and values. It has the flavor of mainstream entertainment media but with the vocal production is more quiet, peaceful, unique and feels more Islamic.


1. Affordable strategy to produce content consistently

         a. Curating segments of existing lectures (on social media)

                 i. Producer 

                ii. Interns (HS and College)

               iii. Crowdsourcing

         b.  Requested talks on specific topics 

         c.  donated clips from local podcasters

         d.  Repeatable content (songs, quotes, clips, promos)

          f.  Islamic Schools and college students contributing (news, interviews, event                             coverage)

2. Short 3-10 minute segments instead of hour long lectures, talks and interviews. 

         a.  Mini Talk Shows- fundamentals of the deen explained in short clips extracted                        from  lectures of local imams sometimes with call ins and interviews.

         b.  Key teachings in the lyrics of catchy songs (voice only)

         c.  Comedy Segments

         d.  Game shows

         e.  Radio theater

          f.  Selected Quranic ayat and hadith

3.    Keeping it short and directing listeners to the source to hear more

4.    Longer versions of shows in Specials or Live Specials

5.    Hosts, DJs and guests to comment on the meaning and relevance of the content and tie everything together. 

         a.  Characters performed by Voice Actors

         b.  HS and College Students

         b.  Podcasters

         d.  Speakers, Ustadh, Imams, Khatib, MCs

6. Salam Sound- A vocal form of music will be used to produce Islamic songs, commercials, show intros, fillers and promos acceptable by those who disapprove of music and an acceptable substitute for those who listen to music.

7. More programs and fewer commercials. Half of the funding for production and to run the station will come from commercials and the rest from donations and embedded advertising. 

8. Live broadcasts specials in studio or on location.

Our Keys to a Successful Islamic Radio Station

What do listeners like about MRD so far?

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