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We hope this show will help to instill a healthy habit of questioning things we see and hear, i.e., "is this Islamic"  or "what does Islam say about this?" Too many of us consumers of entertainment media do not question and are quickly sucked into twisted ideas leading to doubt, darkness and disbelief. We all can do better at seeing things are not up to our Islamic standards and quickly turn it off. On the other hand, this show

will also review content that is Islamically correct or safe for viewing. We hope to find and talk about some media that represents Islamic teachings or values.  

Hosts and Featured Contributors

Imam Gyasi McKinsie

Imam Saaed Purcell

Kenneth Misrella

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We are crowd sourcing the production of our shows. Here is how you can contribute. If you see something that you think we should review on this show submit the title or link. Again it can be, for example, a movie or a scene from a movie, that you thought would be ok to watch but was not. or something that is Islamically ok and beneficial. To give you a better idea of what we are looking for, we plan to review the show on Netflix called Mars.  When I watched the show all I can think about is "How dare we think about going to a place with poison air and no life when Allah has given us so much life here on Earth. Use the form below to make  your submission. 


Other ways to Join the Production

  • If  you want to participate in another way such as being a guest on this show or sending us an audio file voice recording of a comment you would like us to air on the show, email us at with production team in the subject line.

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