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So many youngsters jump into marriage unprepared. it is not just income, they need knowledge, training, understanding and awareness of what to expect. With this show we can make them aware of the challenges and typical conflicts up ahead so they are not shocked and surprised and give up before their marriage has a chance to get going. For example, an episode can talk about how this mainstream culture put sets couples up for failure by setting unrealistic, unfair expectations for the spouse. It teaches that your mate is supposed to look perfect, act perfect, fill your heart, pick you up when you are down, fulfill your every need (like so many songs say "You are all I need") and be there fore you all the time, 100% of the time. 

This is what we call in Isalm shirk, joining partners with Allah the Most High. Only Allah is perfect, only He can do those things for you. You must turn to Allah. If you set Allah as number 1, you can accept your spouse for who they are, a human being who is striving the best they can be and give you what then can and share with you what they can when they can. Furthermore, whatever desires are unfulfilled in this life, if you earn the Jannah, Allah promises you will get them there. This perspective can help a marriage tremendously!

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Dr. Naseem Sharieff

Dr. Shazia Anwar

Sister Noor Saadeh

Imam Sphendem

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