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This show will offer the service to the listener of grabbing the best parts, sound bites, of our Muslim American scholars like, Hamaza Yusuf, Omar Suleiman, and Linda Sarsour, to name a few. They have the ability to explain things clearly and look at things from a different angle. In parts of their lectures, Allah blesses them in that moment to say things so perfectly and beautifully that perhaps they could probably never say it better if they tried. Lucky for us these heavenly sent lines of brilliance are recorded. We go into these lectures and pull these quotes out and share them with our listeners.  Hearing these gems and memorizing them can help us improve our understanding of Islam, upgrade our discussions and advice giving to others.

Muslim America Scholars

Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir, Omar Faruq Abdullah,

Linda Sarsour, Hali Banani 

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We are crowd sourcing the production of our shows. Our idea is to ask people if they hear something one of our gifted Muslim America scholars says the reapply jumps our at you in a lecture,  send that video or audio link to us along with the minutes in and out of the part you like. We will contact the producer and ask permission to include it in out show. It is basically like what you do when you see something on your social media feed and you share it. In this case you come here and submit the link. Use the form below to participate. 

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  • If  you want to participate in another way such as being a guest on this show or sending us an audio file voice recording of a comment you would like us to air on the show, email us at contact@muslimradiodallas.com with production team in the subject line.

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