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In the over night hours, this show will be in its long version with reciters reading long sections of the Qur'an. During the day, it will be in its short form, with short surahs and selected ayah. It is in this short version of the show that we would like to present ayahs that have been picked by Imams and Katibs for their special meaning to include in their khutbas and lectures. We will ask our local reciters to recite these ayahs. On the show the listener will hear the beautiful recitation and then the original clip from the Imam's speech that will give the English translation and the talk about the profound meaning it holds. Reference to special ayahs will also be found for the show from the speeches of our female scholars also, Inshallah.

Hosts and Featured Contributors

Shaikh Abdelkareem Edghouch

Shaikh Abdelkader

Brother Yahya Jakoema


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We are crowd sourcing the production of our shows. Here is how you can contribute. If you hear an ayah in a referenced by one of our scholars and you think we should feature it on this show submit tthe link and the minutes in the video or audio where it appears.  Use the form below to make  your submission. 


Other ways to Join the Production

  • If  you want to participate in another way such as being a guest on this show or sending us an audio file voice recording of a comment you would like us to air on the show, email us at contact@muslimradiodallas.com with production team in the subject line.

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