"Feed your children the fruits from the tree. You don’t have to try to feed them the whole tree. Give them the fruits of Islam so they can grow." -Muslim Parent 

Example 4 

Here is how eTarbiya can help with learning Qur'an. Here is a self service tool that can help with reading, memorization, pronunciation, and translation. 

Now try it our for yourself. For now it works only on desktop. 

Example 5

This is a concept I came up with in 2008 and got funding from a school to design it and have it built under the brand name Hifzone for the purpose of memorizing the Quran. I completed the product 80% until the school could no longer fund the development. The site was lost but can be recreated with new technology under the brand name of eTarbiya. This video shows an exercise similar to the first example above, but really showcases well the concept of the "G-Store", a reward and discipline system that can be given by schools and/or parents. Once they accumulate G-Money doing the exercises in eTarbiya, they can buy from their parents things their parents usually give them for free. Also the parents can give consequences for negative behavior by giving B points which can deduct from the G-Dollars in their bank. 


Islamic schools Part-time and full time are desperate to find distant learning tools in this time of pandemic and on site school closures. Teachers have voiced frustration last semester over not being able to keep the attention of their students instructing them online and students get bored with just watching their teacher speak for hours on their desktop. Some weekend schools, with their volunteer amateur teaching staff, didn't even bother trying to offer distance learning last semester. Some of them are still trying to figure out how they can open next year.

Distance Learning 

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