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Words for Though is focused on teaching us to think deeply, reflect, to realize that Islam offers us so many deep concepts to share, discuss, think more about and even research further.

Hosts and Featured Contributors

Hasan Ramadan

Mustaqiim Sahir

Dr. Shazia Anwar

Dr. Naseem Sharieff

Sister Noor Saadeh

Imam Gyasi Mackinzie

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We are crowd sourcing the production of our shows. Our idea is to ask people if they hear something in a lecture that really pops out, send that video or audio link to us along with the minutes in and out of the part you like. We will contact the producer and ask permission to include it in out show. It is basically like what you do when you see something on your social media feed and you share it. In this case you come here and submit the link. For this show we need interesting, deep Islamic concepts worth discussion and reflection. Use the form below to participate.

Other ways to Join the Production

  • If  you want to participate in another way such as being a guest on this show or sending us an audio file voice recording of a comment you would like us to air on the show, email us at contact@muslimradiodallas.com with production team in the subject line.

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